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Craig Martin


After 27 years in the United States Army, Craig chose to become a professional Corporate Magician who does magic in Vancouver WA; he also is available to do magic in Portland Oregon. He is in high demand as a featured performer across the nation at business trade shows, conventions, hospitality suites and product introduction events. As a professional Magician and Mentalist, Craig has entertained audiences for over 25 years, and he is a crowd favorite. While serving in the United States Army, he had the opportunity to perform for soldiers all over the world. When he starts to perform, people stop and listen to what he has to say.

As a sales entertainer, Craig interjects your sales information into his performances in an unforgettable style, leading his audiences to remember not just the fun – but the sales message. While focusing on Trade Show product promotion, Craig makes a memorable impression that will influence leads and increase the sales potential of your product.

Craig Martin’s goals as your product representative are to increase your product exposure, personalize your product, and provide an influential experience for his audience. People buy from people they like. And Craig’s job is to make buyers like you and your product.
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Close-up Magic:
Close-up magic or table magic is magic performed in an intimate setting typically no more than ten feet from one’s audience and is usually performed while sitting at a table. It’s a great way to make guests feel at ease and entertained during the cocktail or social hour.
Craig performs this magic in the hands of your guests using cards, coins, jewelry, unique card flourishes, pickpocketing, coin tricks, sponge balls, and other magical props. This intimate style of magical performances allows the flow of the party to move uninterrupted and can be an excellent icebreaker. Close-up Magic can also be a great way to break up the day during a long sales meeting or conference. Since this is a stationary show, it allows spectators to visit with each other and watch the show when they are not networking. The audience can feel free to enjoy the show as much or as little as they desire. Craig’s Close-Up Magic is definitely a crowd pleaser!

this type of show is recommended for parties of 10 – 40 attendees

Strolling Magic:
This is a perfect way to get conversations started and promote an exciting atmosphere. You will be amazed at how easily Craig can smoothly transition from one small group to the next. Impressing and entertaining your guests with sophisticated sleight-of-hand, pick-pocking, and beyond belief mind-reading skills. He even blindfolds himself and perform incredible feats with cards and other effects.more
Craig prides himself and has built a reputation with his world class strolling magic. It’s ideal for a large group of people without a stage. It’s ideal for cocktail parties, banquets and receptions –anywhere a formal show isn’t feasible. I’ll mingle with your guests while performing amazing sleight-of-hand. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment as one-dollar bills turn into hundreds, a borrowed 20 dollar bill appear inside a lime or a 5 lbs. rock drops out of Craig‘s shoe. This is the most difficult type of magic and it’s all preformed inches from the spectator’s eyes.

I would recommend this type of show for parties of 40+ attendees

With attendees focused on what amazing things will happen next –
Craig takes that opportunity to inject your sales and marketing message into his presentation with strong communication skills. Craig is dedicated to his skills as a master performer, which allows him to effectively deliver your companies information. He uses props and tools of the trade to vanish objects and reappear with your companies logo or any message you wish to leave with your potential client.more
During the consult prior to the event Craig will develop effects using the logo or message and use them as giveaways as he preforms. You potential customer will share the effect with other potential customers which will lead to an increase to your bottom line.
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